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The VENT Box is a soundproof box that allows people to express their rage, grief, shame, emotions. VENT boxes are art installations that can be replicated in other communities as a movement for building emotional health and creating safe places for self-expression.
Your support will bring the VENT experience to reconciling communities throughout the world.



“I created VENT box as a response to the social and racial injustice I was witnessing all across the country. In the summer of 2018, I found myself in a training program where I was encouraged to let out my emotions, to scream, to cry, without restraint.  The massive relief I felt from simply letting out my rage, grief, hurt, shame inspired me to create a safe space for all people to feel their feelings, and to accept themselves exactly as they are, wherever they are. As a woman of color, I am committed to my own decolonization and liberation.  To give myself permission to freely let out my emotions in a loud, bold way was just one step towards freedom. VENT is a movement for liberation, freedom from a dominating system, freedom from conditioning, freedom to be who we are truly meant to be.”

Huich In

Founder of VENT


We invite our shadows to reveal themselves in the VENT Box. It is a place where it is safe to yell, scream, cry, and let out any pent-up emotions.


When we learn to accept ourselves and our own feelings, we can accept others and their feelings. This is what will heal our world. 


In the process of VENTing we learn to love our emotions, to fully embrace them, and to know that there is nothing wrong with us. To know that we are perfect, whole, and complete exactly as we are.

VENT Programs

VENT is available for installation in yoga studios, schools, churches, festivals, conferences, and other organizations that promote reconciliation and free expression.  

VENT BOX ART Installations

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